Online Work Book​

Complete this Online Workbook prior to attending the practical courses.

Please read the instructions before starting your online workbook

  • The online workbook can be completed at your own pace
  • There are 14 quizzes which take between 1-2hrs to complete
  • You can attempt the workbook more than once, so don’t panic if you get a question wrong. Just try again!
  • We hope that you enjoy completing the workbook and look forward to seeing you at the practical session
  • Don’t forget to print and bring the certificate you automatically receive on successful completion of the online workbook to the practical course.
    Good Luck!

Start Online Workbook

    Click ‘Start Online Workbook’
  2. Click ‘Create a New User’ in the top left of the screen and create your log in details.
  3. Click ‘Submit’ to access your workbook
  4. Select a quiz then click ‘Start Quiz’.
  5. Answer all multiple choice questions using the online manual to assist you by clicking on ‘more info’
  6. A green tick will appear next to the quiz when all questions are answered correctly (You can attempt each quiz more than once, so don’t panic)
  7. 14 green ticks appear when you successfully complete your workbook
  8. On completion of the online workbook you will be issued a completion certificate